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A Little About Us

The Power of the Press is a unique newspaper training programme specially created with charities in mind. This budget-friendly workshop will provide you with practical and straightforward strategies you can use immediately to maximise your press coverage and make a splash.


  The workshop will help you

discover the nuts and bolts of a good story

learn tools and techniques to generate stories

uncover what newspapers want

identify the big mistakes – what not to do

pick up tips on how to get your press release noticed

Tell a new(s) story


Why Power of the Press

You don’t need to pay a PR company or be a trained journalist to put out a good story. Most news stories have a formula and the Power of the Press will share with you the tricks of the trade. We know these methods work because we use them every day.

Who is the course for

This course is aimed at charities, non-governmental organisations, community and voluntary groups wanting to raise awareness of their cause through free publicity provided by the local and national press.

What will I learn

Through practical sessions, each charity will learn how to generate their own stories and gain knowledge of the newsgathering process to find stories for themselves and explore ways that stories can be developed. You will learn from real examples how stories are structured in a way that news editors demand. The workshop will include how to develop news judgment, tips on how to speak to reporters and how to deal with tricky press queries and more.

Where are they held

The workshops are held mostly in London but we can come to you. Make a Booking.

Why should I attend

Natalie has personally put the workshop together based on her experience as a news reporter working in newsrooms. She is also passing on the words and advice of fellow reporters and news editors, who have the power to use or spike your story.

The Power of the Press will: help you build confidence in dealing with reporters show you tactics and tricks to create successful stories teach you real-life methods used by professional news reporters offer you simple rules on what elements your story needs provide you with skills you can use day-to-day to build strong news stories

How are they taught

Programme for course: Introduction to the Power of the Press and newspapers Different types of stories – how is my charity newsworthy How charity stories become news – from the initial press release to how it appears in the paper How newspapers work – who’s who in the newsroom, who reads your press release, what does the newsdesk do with it, what are their deadlines and how does it affect my story When the phone rings – how to deal with reporters, what information they need for a vox pop, interview, comment etc Q&A Strategies for generating effective news stories The method of putting your news story together – what to include and what to leave out Who to send your press release to and press release etiquette – the pros and cons of emails and phone calls Building relationships with reporters and the newsdesk – developing a contacts book Other hints and advice – anecdotes from the newsroom Q&A



Natalie Chalk

Natalie Chalk

News editor

    Natalie Chalk is a professional newsroom journalist, who has worked on the news desk at the MailOnline and before that at the Daily Express newspaper. She has written for all the UK’s national newspapers as a general news reporter.

    Nathan Rao

    Nathan Rao

    Freelance journalist

      Nathan Rao is a successful freelance journalist who has written hard-hitting news copy for national publications including newspapers, magazines and websites. He also has experience of working on television and radio.

      Mark Hoey

      Mark Hoey


        Mark Hoey is an experienced staff sub-editor at Metro newspaper. Before that he was the chief sub at the Daily Express. He has also worked as a sub at the Guardian and the Financial Times.

        What they say

        Rose from Neema Food

        “The information you’ve given me is so useful for a small company. The tips make PR really easy. You’ve broken it down and I can incorporate things in to my daily routine. Thank you.”

        Sally Lands from Coast Capture Air

        “Meeting Natalie is like having the curtains opened and I can now see where I need to go and what I need to do. She also gave away lots of secrets. I can’t thank her enough.” 

        Sara Hunt from Ald Life

        “Just a quick note to say that I found the session incredibly useful and have come away with a lot of ideas and strategies. Thanks for a very informative day which I felt was well worth the outlay. All the best.”

        Melissa Page from ixia

        “I’ve complied a press list using your tips – which were very helpful. Thank you again for a very useful and enjoyable day!”

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